How to Start a Mobile Shop Business in India?

It’s the telecommunication industry in India which is growing as one of the fastest entity in their respective field. There are more than 742.12 million phones and land phones subscribers living in this country and this rate is growing daily. There are more than 706.99 million connections are taken by the mobile phone users. Well, this type of data suggests what sort of response the telecommunication market is receiving in this country. The growth is very high and the market for mobile phones will grow in the coming years. Nowadays, things are very different and people want to have the best of mobile and hence the sales of the mobile phones are going up by each passing day and because of that it is a growing business and there are figure to support it which is very important.

It also suggests that starting a mobile shop business in India is not a bad idea at all. In this world, India’s telecommunication market has got the second biggest network as far the wireless connections are concerned. Since, China’s wireless connection network has managed to acquire the top seat in this business. The growth of mobile is very high and people are taking lots of care about their mobile and always are looking for good deal. If you see people love the mobile they have and want to have fun and learn things from it. Mobile is not longer just used for communication but various other purposes. There is lots of option in the mobile and hence it is a very attractive gadget to make use of.

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Facts that can generate interest in you:

It’s the subscriber’s base for mobile phone network has increased exponentially in this country in terms of size. During the year 2001, there were only 5 million subscribers and it grew to 706.99 till Oct 2010. start a mobile shop in indiaThis type of data can really drive anyone’s attention to start a mobile phone shop business in this country. There are many mobile phones coming to the market. And people’s interest to have the best mobile phones seems to be at top in this country. The demand for high end mobile phones is also high in this country. So, this is the right time for someone to start a mobile phone shop business in India. There are a few considerations you need to make and a few steps you need to follow in order to get started with your new business. You can work as an intern with some mobile store to gain some experience once you do that then things will be much easier and there will be a great chance of learning so many things which will help you once you go in ahead in your business.

Timing is important

It’s always better to kick start a business at the right time in order to earn high. In order to start a mobile shop business in India, you need to have a minimum amount and you are good to start the shop at just anywhere in this country. If you are looking forward to start a basic and small store where you can sell mobile phones, then you should learn how to add the right start for it and how you can excel in this business and stay tuned with this fast developing industry. It is a very good ever green business and the demand for the same never comes down as it is a growing industry and hence the margins are also very high and will give good result.

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Shop selection and decoration:

In order to start the mobile phone shop, you will need a minimum amount of Rs 5,00,000. This amount will help you to establish a good looking, small store for sure. Once you have arranged the fund, you need to look for the right venue to open the store. You can go for such a place that is mostly visited by people. You need to go for a shop that can be established on a space of 10×15 square feet. The shop should be decorated with good color, lighting, painting, AC, cameras and most importantly the mobile phones that are displayed in a great way. You also need to have two partitions of aluminum and attach glasses for the front side of them. This will be your showcase in which you can keep different mobile phones safely. It is a very important thing that you have place which is safe and offers you good safety for the mobile phones as that is a must you need to have good security to protect the mobile as they are expensive and hence you need to look for good safety option, which will really improve things for you.

You also need to have an 8 x 3.5 long counter at the left side of the shop and assign glass for the front as well as top portion. For the back wall, you need to assign two or three almirahs that are well decorated; glass fitted and backed up by proper lighting. You can also opt for the steel frames that can be added for the back wall. There should be a sofa for your customers in the shop. You also need to have a computer placed properly on the showcase. These are basic infrastructure tips which you should have for the growth of the business and it is mandatory to have all that. If you need to have good growth then things will be much easier.

Find a distributor

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Once you are done with all these works, search for the mobile phone distributors to get the mobile phones in cheap. Get them and display them at your shop in a great fashion. To attract more customers you can also advertise your store through local newspapers, yellow pages, and other advertising mediums. For the growth of the business it is important that you have good marketing plan in place to grow your business as if you do not do that then it may be tough to survive.


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